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The Joint Office of Energy and Transportation (Joint Office) and its partners are always looking for talented individuals interested in helping deploy a network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers, zero-emission fueling infrastructure, and zero-emission transit and school buses across all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. See below for current opportunities.

  • Joint Office Careers through Clean Energy Corps

    In the coming months, the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation will be hiring staff for positions listed below. Apply to the Clean Energy Corps to be considered for these positions. Please select "EV Charging" as an area of interest when you submit your application. After you have submitted your application to the Clean Energy Corps, please email and identify your specific position(s) of interest.

    The Senior Advisor for Community and Urban Charging will serve as the lead advisor and subject matter expert on the development and implementation of Joint Office strategy to provide convenient, affordable, reliable, and equitable EV charging in communities. The position will work across teams in the Joint Office as well as the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to enable novel charging solutions, funding options, and business models for electrified mobility through several programs in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and ensure that everyone can ride and drive electric.

    The Senior Advisor for Electric Utility Policy and Programs will serve as the Joint Office's lead advisor and subject matter expert for engagement with regulated and non-regulated electric utilities on siting, permitting, rate structures, and overall utility regulation as it pertains to transportation electrification. This position will also support the Joint Office's strategy for effective utilization of the right-of-way for EV charging, electric transmission and distribution, and renewable electricity generation.

    The Budget Analyst will coordinate and track formulation and execution of the Joint Office's approved budget. This individual will create and maintain budget-related records, support budget formulation, and monitor obligations and the expenditure of funds.

    The Chief of Staff will manage the rhythm of the office and help to ensure Joint Office priorities are met with high-quality deliverables that are on-time and on-schedule. The Chief of Staff will also lead performance management for the Joint Office and the development, management, and refinement of strategic objectives related to the Joint Office and its work across DOE and DOT as appropriate. The position will facilitate communications within and among DOE, DOT, and other agency senior leadership, represent the Joint Office, and serve as a liaison with other department staff, political appointees, and external stakeholders.

    The Program Manager for Technical Assistance and Implementation will manage and lead the team responsible for providing technical assistance for over $18 billion in transportation electrification programs. The Joint Office's technical assistance and implementation team will tap the best and brightest to help states, cities, transit providers, and school districts electrify transportation by providing a combination of subject matter expertise and regional liaisons to ensure an effective and coordinated approach to generational investments in U.S. transportation and energy infrastructure.

    The Deployment Manager for Community Charging Technical Assistance will lead development and delivery of technical assistance to local government and other entities that are installing and operating community EV charging infrastructure to ensure that charging is multi-functional, conveniently located, supports local travel, and meets the needs of all members of communities regardless of whether they ride or drive.

    The Deployment Manager for Corridor Electrification Technical Assistance will lead the development and delivery of technical assistance to state governments and other entities that are installing and operating high-power EV charging along highways and major corridors. This position will support implementation of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program.

    The Deployment Manager for School and Transit Bus Electrification will lead technical assistance to transit operators and school districts that are seeking to electrify their fleets, maintenance facilities, infrastructure, and workforce. This position will be the Joint Office’s key interface with these stakeholders and the primary interface with DOT’s Federal Transit Administration and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administering over $10.6 billion of investment to reduce emissions in our transit and school bus fleet.

    The Program Manager for Standards and Reliability will manage and lead the team that is tasked with improving the overall EV charging experience and to specifically ensure that investments made through the BIL result in a convenient, affordable, reliable, and equitable charging network. The Standards and Reliability team works with DOE national labs, DOT Volpe Center, and external stakeholders including the private sector to improve reliability, security, and interoperability of our nation's EV charging infrastructure.

    The Deployment Manager for Standards and Reliability will lead the Joint Office's portfolio of activities related to the development and enhancement of standards related to EV chargers and their interactions with vehicles and the grid. Key areas of emphasis for this role are increased interoperability and cybersecurity and decreased friction for users of the system.

    The Deployment Manager for EV Charging Reliability will formulate and lead projects and activities that will enhance the overall uptime of EV chargers at levels greater than 97% and ensure that all federal performance requirements are being met.

    The Program Manager for Data and Analysis will manage and lead the team responsible for analytics, modeling/forecasting, market, policy, and technology assessments, as well as the effective stewardship of large amounts of data collected as part of transportation electrification programs in the BIL. The Data and Analysis team serves as an independent reviewer of the performance of key BIL investments related to EV charging and supports program and project review within DOE and DOT as appropriate.

    The Deployment Manager for EV Charging Analysis will ensure that the Joint Office has strong insights into the performance of the U.S. EV charging and zero emissions fueling network, foresight into future needs of this infrastructure, and a keen understanding of interactions and implications on the electric grid. This position will also identify needs and solutions that enhance availability, equity, and accessibility of the EV charging network towards greater mobility outcomes.

    The Deployment Manager for Transportation Electrification Data will lead the development, maintenance, and operations for a detailed and diverse publicly administered EV charging database. This position will be responsible for the architecture, security, open data standards, and functionality of all EV charging data collected through the Joint Office and will work closely with the Deployment Manager for EV Charging Analysis to leverage this data for modeling and analysis that will identify network performance, future needs, and federal program refinement.

    The Program Manager for Communications and Education will manage and lead a team that is responsible for externally facing educational activities of the Joint Office. This team will strive for strategic, creative, and impactful engagement that enhance the delivery of the Joint Office mission. This will include communications through a variety of media, facilitating key stakeholder engagement, supporting the EV Working Group that will advise the Joint Office Executive Director and the Secretaries of Energy and Transportation on electric vehicle policies and programs, and lead efforts to develop and upskill the American workforce to enable an electrified transportation future.

    The Communications Manager for Electrification Education will lead activities that will increase EV literacy to a variety of audiences, increase institutional capacity, and support workforce development.

  • Electric Vehicles Charging Fellow

    Reference code: DOE-EERE-STP-JOET-2022

    We are looking for dynamic, innovative fellows for the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, a new office funded under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to coordinate and leverage activities across the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Department of Transportation.