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State Plans for Electric Vehicle Charging

The Federal Highway Administration approved the state plans for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure deployment linked in the table below. This page also shows state funding for fiscal year (FY) 2022 and FY 2023 from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program, as well as how many miles of EV charging corridors are designated as ready or pending in each state through Round 6 of the Alternative Fuel Corridors program. For 5-year total funding, see estimated NEVI funding by state.

  • 615 million
    actual total FY 2022 funding
  • 885 million
    estimated total FY 2023 funding
  • 75,820
    miles of EV charging corridors designated as of July 2022
State PlanActual FY 2022 FundingEstimated FY 2023 FundingEV Charging CorridorsNEVI Planning
Alabama$11,738,801$16,892,2671,002 milesAlabama NEVI Planning
Alaska$7,758,240$11,164,195354 milesAlaska NEVI Planning
Arizona$11,320,762$16,290,7041,158 milesArizona NEVI Planning
Arkansas$8,010,850$11,527,704512 milesArkansas NEVI Planning
California$56,789,406$81,720,5957,082 milesCalifornia NEVI Planning
Colorado$8,368,277$12,042,0453,039 milesColorado NEVI Planning
Connecticut$7,771,342$11,183,049415 milesConnecticut NEVI Planning
Delaware$2,617,339$3,766,380259 milesDelaware NEVI Planning
District of Columbia$2,468,807$3,552,64127 milesDistrict of Columbia NEVI Planning
Florida$29,315,442$42,185,2516,244 milesFlorida NEVI Planning
Georgia$19,978,342$28,749,0591,523 milesGeorgia NEVI Planning
Hawaii$2,616,956$3,765,829788 milesHawaii NEVI Planning
Idaho$4,425,511$6,368,3601,974 milesIdaho NEVI Planning
Illinois$21,998,178$31,655,6261,562 milesIllinois NEVI Planning
Indiana$14,743,125$21,215,5231,436 milesIndiana NEVI Planning
Iowa$7,604,168$10,942,483742 milesIowa NEVI Planning
Kansas$5,847,059$8,413,9841,417 milesKansas NEVI Planning
Kentucky$10,280,470$14,793,7121,469 milesKentucky NEVI Planning
Louisiana$10,859,512$15,626,9601,124 milesLouisiana NEVI Planning
Maine$2,856,158$4,110,0431,105 milesMaine NEVI Planning
Maryland$9,298,080$13,380,0421,139 milesMaryland NEVI Planning
Massachusetts$9,397,238$13,522,732851 milesMassachusetts NEVI Planning
Michigan$16,290,764$23,442,5932,167 milesMichigan NEVI Planning
Minnesota$10,089,418$14,518,786562 milesMinnesota NEVI Planning
Mississippi$7,483,268$10,768,508817 milesMississippi NEVI Planning
Missouri$14,647,722$21,078,2371,184 milesMissouri NEVI Planning
Montana$6,348,350$9,135,3472,141 milesMontana NEVI Planning
Nebraska$4,472,243$6,435,608480 milesNebraska NEVI Planning
Nevada$5,618,414$8,084,9612,446 milesNevada NEVI Planning
New Hampshire$2,556,450$3,678,760682 milesNew Hampshire NEVI Planning
New Jersey$15,448,790$22,230,983759 milesNew Jersey NEVI Planning
New Mexico$5,681,977$8,176,4292,128 milesNew Mexico NEVI Planning
New York$25,971,644$37,373,4882,034 milesNew York NEVI Planning
North Carolina$16,137,196$23,221,6082,075 milesNorth Carolina NEVI Planning
North Dakota$3,841,352$5,527,749570 milesNorth Dakota NEVI Planning
Ohio$20,739,853$29,844,8831,867 milesOhio NEVI Planning
Oklahoma$9,812,934$14,120,9231,955 milesOklahoma NEVI Planning
Oregon$7,733,679$11,128,8512,452 milesOregon NEVI Planning
Pennsylvania$25,386,631$36,531,6482,056 milesPennsylvania NEVI Planning
Puerto Rico$2,020,490$2,915,577212 miles
Rhode Island$3,383,835$4,869,37644 milesRhode Island NEVI Planning
South Carolina$10,360,855$14,909,387759 milesSouth Carolina NEVI Planning
South Dakota$4,363,463$6,279,072678 milesSouth Dakota NEVI Planning
Tennessee$13,074,884$18,814,9061,283 milesTennessee NEVI Planning
Texas$60,356,706$86,853,9803,615 milesTexas NEVI Planning
Utah$5,372,731$7,731,4211,220 milesUtah NEVI Planning
Vermont$3,140,247$4,518,851549 milesVermont NEVI Planning
Virginia$15,745,244$22,657,5831,080 milesVirginia NEVI Planning
Washington$10,489,110$15,093,9481,258 milesWashington NEVI Planning
West Virginia$6,761,785$9,730,285548 milesWest Virginia NEVI Planning
Wisconsin$11,642,061$16,753,0572,066 milesWisconsin NEVI Planning
Wyoming$3,963,841$5,704,011911 milesWyoming NEVI Planning