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Joint Office Offers New Cybersecurity Resource

Aug. 29, 2023

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The Joint Office of Energy and Transportation (Joint Office) today released sample cybersecurity procurement language clauses that can be modified for use in requests for proposals and electric vehicle service provider (EVSP) contracts.

U.S. Department of Energy laboratory partners Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory helped the Joint Office develop the resources to address cybersecurity risks when building out electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

The sample cybersecurity clauses are now available on the Joint Office website.

With the procurement language as a guide, states and EVSE purchasers can reinforce cybersecurity as essential to the complete life cycle of the EVSE—from origination to discharge of contract. The sample language is intended to be tailored by the purchaser and incorporated in procurement specifications for EVSE and services.

“This resource helps provide clarity and understanding about cybersecurity best practices for EV charging,” said Gabe Klein, executive director of the Joint Office. “The cybersecurity procurement clauses enable states and EVSE purchasers to identify and select contract clauses that meet their cybersecurity needs across the entire contract lifecycle.”

The new cybersecurity procurement language clauses can be leveraged to:

  • Effectively communicate expectations and requirements for cybersecurity
  • Incorporate cybersecurity into every stage of the EVSE life cycle
  • Inform the RFP process
  • Serve as a starting point for the acquisition process
  • Help choose clauses that align most with established cybersecurity procurements.

Cybersecurity procurement language clauses are NOT to be used for:

  • Replacing existing and applicable cybersecurity standards
  • Inserting verbatim into procurement contracts.

The cybersecurity clauses are an informative resource to be used in conjunction with other general procurement guidance for defining cybersecurity-related procurement specifications.

To learn more, read the full cybersecurity clause document on Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s website.