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First NEVI Funded Charging Station Opens in Vermont

April 23, 2024

Man charging vehicle.
Representatives from the Vermont Agency of Transportation, Vermont Federal Highways Administration Division Office, and Joint Office stand next to the state's first NEVI funded station ahead of its official opening. Photo from Vermont Agency of Transportation

The Joint Office of Energy and Transportation (Joint Office) is thrilled to announce the opening of the first electric vehicle (EV) charging station funded by the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program in Vermont. The four ports on Main Street in downtown Bradford will complement two existing 50-kilowatt DC fast chargers and a single AC Level 2 charger installed at the site by Norwich Technologies under a grant agreement with the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development.

By building at a site with included infrastructure, the Vermont Agency of Transportation (AOT) was able to speed up the NEVI charger installation process, bringing drivers closer to the power they need to reach their destination. “This is just the beginning. Bradford is the first of 15 locations in this phase of NEVI funding that we’re working to have under contract by the end of the year,” said Transportation Secretary Joe Flynn.

Over the next five years, the state will receive $21.2 million from the NEVI program through President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law making those 15 stations a reality and improving the state’s public charging network as efficiently and equitably as possible.

"Vermont's first NEVI station builds upon the Green Mountain State's existing leadership in advancing clean transportation." said Rachael Nealer, Deputy Director of the Joint Office. "The Joint Office is proud to be working collaboratively with Vermont AOT and FHWA to facilitate the deployment of our national charging network that will connect more than 80,000 miles of America’s roads and highways with convenient, reliable fast charging every 50 miles."

The Joint Office is working with all 50 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico to ensure the success of the NEVI program, which is now bringing the Biden Administration’s vision of a clean energy future to fruition. In fact, more than 177,000 public chargers are now available nationwide, bringing us up to 35% of the Biden-Harris Administration’s goal of 500,000 EV chargers in communities and along America’s highways by 2030.

The Vermont station opening builds on progress opening stations in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, and Maine, bringing the total number of NEVI stations operating to eight. NEVI is a concerted effort to ensure the EV future of tomorrow is thoughtfully planned, efficiently built, and meets the needs of all Americans, regardless of where they live.