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New Resource Helps Create Convenient EV Charging for All Americans

Feb. 26, 2024

rendering of electric vehicles outside apartment complex

Everyone deserves access to clean transportation, no matter where they live or how they get around. Clean transportation solutions need to work for everyone in the community, including the 44 million Americans living in multifamily housing, who may lack access to home charging. In line with the Biden-Harris Administration’s Justice40 initiative, the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation (Joint Office) has released a new whitepaper on innovative mobility options for all types of communities, including renters and multifamily housing residents. The resource advances the office’s goal of providing convenient, equitable access to EV charging so everyone can choose to ride and drive electric.

Intended for the use of public officials, property and vehicle owners, utilities, and other stakeholders, the paper includes strategies that go beyond installing private onsite EV chargers at multifamily properties, including charging in the public right-of-way and technical and cost-saving solutions to common barriers, such as:

  • streetlight charging,

  • smart outlets and panels,

  • mobile charging, and

  • “bring-your-own cord” approaches.

Readers will also find case studies and example projects included in this new resource from both the U.S. and Europe detailing how public charging can serve all community members, including multifamily housing residents.